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FIFA Mobile: evento World Cup disponibile ora

Assieme a FIFA 23 e l’arrivo dei World Cup Marvel Heroes e dei Path to Glory, la modalità World Cup arriva finalmente anche in FIFA Mobile, la versione per smartphone e tablet del videogioco calcistico targato EA Sports.

FIFA Mobile: arriva la modalità Mondiali Qatar 2022

A seguire possiamo vedere alcuni dei giocatori speciali ottenibili attraverso le varie modalità di gioco in FIFA Mobile dedicate al FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar:

A seguire è possibile leggere tutti i dettagli del nuovo aggiornamento per giocare i Mondiali su FIFA Mobile.

Hello FIFA Mobile fans!

Welcome to the FIFA World Cup 2022™ Event!

Step onto world football’s greatest stage with the FIFA World Cup 2022™ Live Event! Play matches and skill games to earn special rewards, including FIFA World Cup™ Players. Enjoy weekly updates with new Chapters, Quests, Exchanges, Players, and more!

Event Duration: Nov 17th – Jan 12th (8 weeks/56 days)

  • Reward paths for every  2 Groups will be unlocked weekly during the first 4 weeks. 
  • New reward paths containing Program Players from all groups are added weekly during week 5 to 8.

Basic Event Flow:

  • Select between the Easy or Hard Path and play Skill Games and Matches to earn Reward Points, Program Tokens and Gems.
  • Use your Reward Points in the Rewards Chapter to earn rewards, including Program Players!
  • Use your Program Tokens in the Bonus Prizes chapter to earn rewards.
  • Play matches in the Weekend Ranking chapter! Choose your Division, assemble a team of Program Players, and gain Ranking by playing PvP/PvE matches to earn Stadium Tickets, Program Players and resources.
  • Upgrade your stadium by using your Stadium Tickets to receive rewards that can be claimed every 12 hours!
  • Collect Program Players to unlock unique rewards in the Player Collection chapter.
  • Vote for your favorite Nations and claim Victory Players! 


Choose daily between the Easy and the Hard paths to earn Reward Points and Program Tokens. 

Main 12.jpg


TypeReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
Skill Game 1300 Reward Points50 Program Tokens 
Skill Game 2300 Reward Points50 Program Tokens 
Reward75 Gems50 Program Tokens 
Skill Game 3400 Reward Points75 Program Tokens 
Easy Match75 Gems150 Program Tokens750 Reward Points
Challenge Match1500 Reward Points75 Program Tokens 
Challenge Match3000 Reward Points75 Program Tokens 


TypeReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
Hard Match150 Gems375 Program Tokens1750 Reward Points
Challenge Match1500 Reward Points75 Program Tokens 
Challenge Match3000 Reward Points75 Program Tokens 

* Both paths give the same amount of rewards.


There are various Milestones to be completed by playing the Easy and Hard matches, including goals scored, matches won, and points earned. Win 100 Skill Games and Matches to claim a 101 OVR Enhanced Base ICON Vidić.

Main 2.jpg

Ticket Booth

Here you’ll also find the Ticket Booth. Increase your level in the Ticket Booth by completing Daily Quests. The higher your level is, the better the value is for converting your FIFA Points into Gems. Once you have claimed your Gems, your level will reset. 

Main 3.jpg


The Reward Points that you obtained from the Main chapter can be used to claim Program Players and resources in the Rewards section. 

Rewad Path 2.jpg

New reward paths are unlocked weekly. During the first 4 weeks, a reward path with players from two Groups will be unlocked. 

  • Week 1 – Groups A/B
  • Week 2 – Groups C/D
  • Week 3 – Groups E/F
  • Week 4 – Groups G/H

In weeks 5 to 8 new reward paths will be unlocked containing players from Group A to Group H. 


Gain progression in the Milestones by using your Reward Points in the Chapters. Once you have used enough Reward Points you can claim Program Players and a 109 OVR Prime ICON!

Team Vote

It’s time to cast your vote on your favorite Nations! Your vote matters as one Victory Player from the top voted Nations will receive a boost in OVR after the event has ended. Keep in mind that only the OVR will be increased for these players, stats will remain unchanged. 

Team Vote 1.jpg

99 OVR Victory Players can be earned from winning the FIFA World Cup™ Tournament Mode. 

By casting your vote, you will claim a random 80 OVR to 106 OVR Program Player. You can cast five votes in total, one for each region. The Team Vote chapter will disappear once you have cast all your votes. 

Team Vote.jpg

Bonus Prizes

Use 100 Program Tokens to claim rewards from the Prize Pool. The Prize Pool shows what rewards are available and how many times they can be claimed.

Bonus Prizes 1.jpg

You can reset the pool once you have obtained the top 3 (gold section) rewards and the rewards reset once the timer has expired.

Some of the possible Program Players are displayed in the section right next to it, including a 109 OVR Prime ICON. 


Complete the milestone by spending Program Tokens to claim a guaranteed 109 OVR Prime Icon

Bonus Prizes 2.jpg

Player Collection

Collect all required Program Players from the FIFA World Cup™ Event to earn unique Players that unlock on January 5th.

Keep in mind that you can’t claim the players from the Market or from the Exchanges, they have to be claimed from the Event itself or from the Store. 

Player Collection 1.jpg

Weekend Ranking

Play PvE or PvP Matches every week from Friday to Monday at reset time (19:00 UTC)  to increase your Ranking and to earn Stadium Tickets and other rewards. You can choose which tier you are going to play in: High Tier, Mid Tier, or Low Tier. 

Weekend Ranking 1.jpg

After the Weekend Ranking has ended for the week, you will earn rewards based on your Tier and Ranking. The higher the Tier and Ranking, the better the rewards are. Earn bonus Stadium Tickets by fulfilling the lineup requirements. 

Weekend Ranking 2.jpg

Weekly rewards per Division and Ranking from High to Low (Left to Right)

Tier Rewards.jpg


Welcome to the Stadium! In this Chapter you can upgrade different areas with Stadium Tickets to increase their level with a maximum of 10 levels.

The higher your level is for an area, the higher the rewards will be. Rewards from the areas can be claimed every 12 hours, so be sure to check back regularly!

Stadium 1.jpg
AreaRewardLevel 10 Rewards (every 12 hours)
Guest ServiceGems1000 Gems
ShopsCoins200 000 Coins
SnacksReward Points600 Reward Points
FieldSkill Boosts 200 Skill Boosts
SeatingProgram Players90+ OVR Program Player


Increase all areas to Level 5 to complete the Milestone and to claim the World Cup™ Stadium Lusail!

Stadium 2.jpg

Program Players 

In the Program Players Chapter you can purchase Offers using Gems or FIFA Points. With every purchase you receive a random 80+ OVR Program Player and Guaranteed Points. 

You will find the highest OVR Program Players on the right hand side. Purchasing the Offer has the possibility to give you one of these highest OVR Players. If you don’t, then you can use your Guaranteed Points to claim the guaranteed player. 

Program Players 1.jpg

*New Program Players will be added weekly and are available until the end of the event. Different Guaranteed Points are used for different Groups.


Star Pass

There will be 2 Star Passes throughout the event, each containing 75 levels and being available for 4 weeks each. Tthis is not the only change to the Star Pass, the earlier levels require less Star Pass Credits to gain levels and the requirements are progressively increased in the later levels.

This means that it’s easy to progress through the start of the Star Pass but it will be harder as you go deeper on the Star Pass.

  • Star Pass 1: November 17th – December 15th
  • Star Pass 2: December 15th – January 12th
Star Pass 4.jpg

Event Passes

There are additional Passes available in the FIFA World Cup™ Live Event:

  • Attacker Pass (Starting November 17th)
  • Midfielder Pass (Starting November 24th)
  • Defender Pass (Starting December 1st)

These Passes contain rewards based on position. For example, in the Attacker Pass you have the opportunity to claim Skill Boosts for Attackers, Rankup Elite ATK items, and players playing in an Attacking position. 

There is no relation between the Event Passes and positional Event Currencies.

Gain levels by completing Quests and earning Credits. The same Credits are used for all Passes.


During the FIFA World Cup™ Live Event we will have different Exchanges available to claim Program Players. Including: Reward Points, Program Tokens, and Program Players.



November 17th100 OVR to 105 OVR Group A & B Player 
November 24th100 OVR to 105 OVR Group C & D Player 
December 1st100 OVR to 105 OVR Group E & F Player 
December 8th100 OVR to 105 OVR Group G & H Player
December 15th100 OVR to 105 OVR Group A to H Player


currencyIcon_Point_WC.pngReward Points

  • Earn Reward Points in the Main and Stadium Chapters
  • Spend them in the Reward Path Chapter

currencyIcon_Token_WC.pngProgram Tokens

  • Earn Program Tokens in the Main, Reward Path, and Weekend Ranking Chapters
  • Spend them in the Bonus Prize Chapter

currencyIcon_Ticket_WC.pngStadium Tickets

  • Earn Stadium Tickets in the Weekend Ranking Chapter
  • Spend them in the Stadium Chapter

WC_GUARANTEE_POINT_1.pngGuaranteed Points

  • Earn Guaranteed Points every time you purchase an offer in the Program Players Chapter 
  • Spend them to get guaranteed Program Players in the Program Players Chapter

That wraps up the FIFA World Cup™ Live Event guide! To stay updated on everything FIFA Mobile, follow us on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


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