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FIFA World Cup DLC disponibile per FIFA Mobile

Il DLC dedicato ai Mondiali di FIFA Qatar 2022 è in arrivo in FIFA 23, ma è invece già sbarcato su FIFA Mobile attraverso un aggiornamento gratuito.

In questo articolo vi porteremo i dettagli dell’ultimo update dell’app di FIFA Mobile, scaricabile gratuitamente da App Store su dispositivi iOS e su Google Play store su dispositivi Android.

Ecco alcuni screenshots ufficiali tratti direttamente dal videogame ufficiale di EA Sports FIFA Mobile:

Ecco i dettagli rilasciati da EA Sports attraverso il suo sito web ufficiale in lingua inglese.

Play through the entire Tournament with all 32 qualified National Teams, as well as 15 non-qualified National Teams.

  • FIFA World Cup 2022™ National Team kits and crests, the match ball, and the ability to play in authentic FIFA World Cup 2022™ stadiums (Al Bayt and Lusail).
  • Custom FIFA World Cup 2022™ commentary for the most immersive match atmosphere, available in multiple languages.
  • FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tournament user interface (UI) and broadcast package to further immerse you in the action.


After selecting your difficulty, begin your FIFA World Cup 2022™ journey by selecting the nation that you want to lead to victory. Choosing one of the 15 additional National Teams will replace one of the 32 qualified National Teams. 

The star rating shows the OVR of your nation. Teams with higher star ratings will have higher OVR players and better stats.

Select your team and press the Team Overview button on the bottom left to view the team lineup and details before you make a selection.


The FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tournament has six difficulty settings to best suit your ability: Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, and Legendary.

To unlock the World Class and Legendary difficulties, win the Tournament on the difficulty setting before it. Win the Tournament on Professional to unlock World Class, and win the Tournament on World Class to unlock Legendary. Earn different rewards based on the difficulty you choose.

FIFA Mobile World Cup DLC: impostazioni di difficoltà delle partite
FIFA Mobile World Cup DLC: impostazioni di difficoltà delle partite


Now that you’ve selected your team, created your ideal lineup, and selected the difficulty, it’s time to start your FIFA World Cup 2022™ journey!

Before the tournament starts, you have a chance to review the group phase draw. By default, the 32 qualified National Teams are placed reflecting the actual tournament draw, but you can reshuffle the draw up to three times if you’d like! If none of the new groups suit your team, you can revert to the default Tournament draw by pressing the Default button.

Press Continue to advance to the Tournament Hub, where you can change your lineup, view your Tournament schedule/bracket and check out the rewards.

Once you’re ready, press the Play button to kick off your first FIFA World Cup 2022™ match!

Play through the FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tournament up to 3 times per week, with the ability to use FIFA Points for more playthrough opportunities.


Earn rewards based on your tournament progress and chosen difficulty by completing the Tournament. Rewards can include World Cup Players and currency for the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup™ Live Event, which you’ll use towards your Ultimate Team™.

Once the live event begins November 17th and onwards, you can earn special World Cup Players for winning the Tournament. Add these hard-earned Players to your Ultimate Team™.


Live OVR is a feature where the OVR of base players can get an increase to their OVR and stats. This feature is currently only available in the FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tournament mode. 

  • Based on real life performances, all players on a winning team will receive +1 OVR and +1 to all their stats for each win in the FIFA World Cup 2022™. This means that the performances of your favorite teams and players in the real tournament will directly affect their OVR and stats in FIFA Mobile!
  • The Man of the Match will receive an additional +1 to their OVR and stats. 
  • Community Choice! There may be opportunities on social media to determine additional OVR and stats boosts for fan-favorite players.

That’s a wrap on the Tournament Mode, coming to FIFA Mobile on November 8th, 2022. For the latest FIFA Mobile updates, follow us on @EAFIFAMOBILE!

See you on the pitch,

– The FIFA Mobile Team


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