FIFA 18 1.05 PC XBOX One e PS4 update – Aggiornamento disponibile

È arrivato un cospiquo aggiornamento per la versione PC XBOX One e PS4 di FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 1.05 update per PC e PS4 – Aggiornamento disponibile


L’aggiornamento è da oggi disponibile anche su console Play Station 4 e XBOX One.

L’aggiornamento è previsto ovviamente anche su XBOX One ma arriverà nelle prossime settimane a detta di EA Sports.

Analizziamo i dettagli del nuovo aggiornamento che porta FIFA 18 su Personal Computer alla versione 1.05.

Il download pesa circa 1.34 Gigabyte

Tante modifiche al gameplay, a partire dal sistema dei passaggi che adesso dovrebbe risultare decisamente più realistico e meno semplice, dovrebbe richiedere maggiori abilità per l’esecuzione. Ulteriori miglioramenti riguardano anche i portieri.


Scopri l’offerta per il controller PS4:
Controller Play Station 4 nero

Controller nero Play Station 4 in offerta a -20%

Dettagli dell’aggiornamento 1.05 su FIFA 18 per PC

Con l’aggiornamento sono state apportate modifiche ai volti di alcuni giocatori, vediamo assieme un paio di esempi:

Il nuovo volto con i capelli corti di David Silva dopo l’aggiornamento di FIFA 18 su PC
Il volto aggiornato con i capelli corti di Neymar Jr dopo l’aggiornamento di FIFA 18 su PC
Il volto aggiornato di Sterling dopo l’aggiornamento di FIFA 18 su PC

Made the following changes in Gameplay:

  • Made ground passes and ground through passes less effective when blindly passing the ball between 90 and 270 degrees, where 0 degrees is the direction the player is facing.
    • The most significant impact will be seen when the pass angle is between 140 and 220 degrees.
    • The impact scales when the pass angle is between 90 (least impact) and 139 degrees and between 221 and 270 (least impact) degrees.
    • The passes impacted by this change will see:
      • Reduced ball speed.
      • Reduced accuracy.
  • Disabled user controlled reactions, when locked to a player, when the goalkeeper is holding the ball.

Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:

  • The goalkeeper sometimes parrying the ball into his own goal.
  • The goalkeeper diving too early on downward header and volley shots.
  • Players sometimes becoming invisible during a match.
  • Dragbacks not working when rapidly tapping the modifier button.
  • Players being unable to string together multiple stepovers.
  • The goalkeeper, in some situations, being unable to throw the ball after making a save close to the goal line.
  • The player automatically passing the ball from a set piece after the game had been paused in an Online match.
  • An issue with Custom controls where movement with the directional buttons was not working when locked to a player.

Made the following changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

  • Added the Objectives tile to the Pause Menu in all FUT Online modes.
  • Added Guest Mode in FUT Online Seasons and FUT Online Draft.
  • Disabled the FIFA Trainer within FUT Champions.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

  • An issue in Squad Building Challenges where tagging a group of challenges would make it unselectable.
  • ICONs displaying their current age on in-game overlays.
  • Wrong badge showing for your opponent on the Online Season’s Match Preview screens.
  • Objective Completed visual notification not displaying correctly for some Daily/Weekly Objectives.
  • Alignment of the text on Manager League items.
  • An issue with the effects shown during the pack opening animation.
  • The icon of your rank in Squad Battles displaying incorrectly when claiming rewards.

Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:

  • Players crashing when matching up in Pro Clubs Friendly Matches in certain situations.
  • Players would not receive invites in Pro Clubs Friendly Matches in certain situations.

Addressed the following issues in Career Mode:

  • Players crashing during the first game of the season in certain situations.

Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

  • Updated the Chile National Team kits and crest to be authentic.

Addressed the following issues in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

  • The volume of the audio in the Cristiano Ronaldo celebration.

  • Some issues with crowd flags displaying the wrong images.

  • Some visual issues with the Bundesliga broadcast package.

  • Situations where the ball would appear to go through the goal netting.

  • An issue where a player on the ground would incorrectly animate as flipping or spinning.

  • Celebrations clipping through ad boards.


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